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Snow and insurance. What do you need to know after this weeks winter weather!

With snow still on the ground it is hard to think to about what the long term impacts of such an event can be. Over the past weekend some places in western Washington state have gotten more snowfall than they have at anytime over the last 40 years. Its easy to get lost in the scenery, the kids playing outside, weather or not they will have school, will the roads be clear in time for work, etc… etc… But as the days go by one additional thing will start to become more and more clear for more and more people. The cost. Extreme weather and snow in particular can cause a wide array of problems for many people, it can raise many questions about several coverages policies. Below we will briefly touch on a couple main coverages every person has and what typically falls into that coverage. If you have questions regarding your coverage (or lack thereof) don’t wait till its to late to ensure your covered should the need arise. Get a quote or policy review today!

Home policy

Extreme winter weather can wreak havoc on your home. From small things such as gutter damage to more dramatic things such as roof damage, busted pipes, tree damage, structural damage, damage to possessions in the home due to structural damage, broken windows, fence damage and many more. What is important to remember is that all of things can and should be covered on your home policy. While most of this would seem like standard fare as far as a homeowners policy is concerned it clearly is always better to air on the side of caution and make sure . That way you know for certain you’re covered if a tree, heavy from snow come crashing through your living room or your pipes freeze overnight and flood your basement. Additionally snow is also dangerous to people, furthermore most people know it is very hard to control what others do especially in a situation like the morning after a heavy snowfall. Due to this fact it is also very important that your check to ensure you have enough injury liability insurance attached to your homeowners policy to protect you from any snow or ice related injury lawsuits that may be brought by anyone who is potentially hurt on your land. Make sure your liability is up to standard today with just a quick conversation!

Auto Policy

While this may seem like a no brainer its probably not what your initially think. Yes its obviously much more dangerous to be driving out in winter weather. In fact 24% of all weather related accidents occur in the snow and ice each year. So it is imperative that you take extra caution while driving in the snow and ice and try to mitigate your exposure to that potential risk by driving only when necessary. However damage occurred during an accident in the snow will obviously be covered by whoever is at faults collision coverage. What I want to ensure we mention today is your comprehensive auto coverage. The lesser thought about of two main auto coverages is especially important in situations like extreme winter weather. If you drive around after any winter storm long enough and you're bound to see a tree branch crashed through a car or a car port that has collapsed onto vehicles under the weight on the snow. This is where your comprehensive coverage homes into play. Luckily most people have comprehensive included in their auto policy (full coverage). Whats most important here is that you have enough coverage for your vehicle. As the lesser spoken about coverage people often are unaware of exactly how much comprehensive coverage they actually have! So make sure you reach out to us before our next weather event and ensure that you have enough coverage for your vehicles! Lastly we would not feel right if we didn’t briefly mention that while your vehicle is important so is human life so while your checking your auto coverages ahead of the next winter storm make sure not just your collision and comprehensive coverages are up to snuff but make sure your injury liability is at the very least the recommended amount especially if you have to drive during high risk times like after a snow storm!

It’s easy, especially with a family to get lost in everything that comes with winter weather. Thats why its so important to make sure you get your home and auto policies “winter proofed” the first time. Once you know your coverages are what they should be you can enjoy the winter weather and all that comes with it without the stress that can mount quickly should something happen as it does to so many people! If you have questions regarding your coverage or are interested in getting a quote on new coverage let us know today!


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