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Specialty Dwelling

Do you have a property that does not fit into the standard home policy box? This is actually quite common. Your home isn't a standard and your insurance policy shouldn't be either. For example, too often we see a standard home-owners policy when it should be a landlord policy. A loss caused by a room and boarder/renter could potentially be excluded under a standard homeowners policy. This is because traditional homeowners insurance excludes coverage for properties that are not owner-occupied. In other words if you don’t live in it then it’s only covered by a specialty dwelling policy. Different types of specialty dwelling policies.


Landlord policy 

Multi-family dwelling

Vacant dwelling 

Builder’s risk

Vacation home

Seasonal rental 

Short term rental (Air bnb)


Other reasons specialty dwelling might be considered; Older & lower value homes, credit problems and do not qualify for standard insurance, claims history, or home under construction (in some situations) 

The real estate investor/home flipper

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Because of the local market we are in our agency works very close with real estate investors. We understand deals happen fast and that is why we are always available after hours and weekends to service those needs. We have a very robust product that offers coverages not common for vacant home policies like replacement cost value, agreed loss settlement, vandalism & malicious mischief and back up sewer & drain.  We also have no problem offering coverage if the property is held by an LLC. If the renovation calls for a significant add-on or foundation/structural changes we can do builder’s risk as well. Also with most investors they will be in and out of this property with in the year. With our policies we do not require a certain earned premium. So when you are ready to flip you will receive premiums refunded on a true pro-rated basis vs having a minimum earned premium. We have variable products, with flexible premium options and are always available to suit your “on the go” business needs. 

Construction Workers


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