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Washington State credit scoring ban

Today we are going to talk about a big issue. It’s an issue that will impact every single person who carries personal line coverages in the state of Washington. While we won’t be getting bogged down in things like our opinion or speculation about what these changes mean. We want to make sure that we are delivering you the facts about what this change means for you moving forward.

The Washington state insurance commissioner has put a ban on the use of credit scores when it comes to determining the rate you receive from your insurer for the next three years. Thats the biggest, main fact here. Every insurer that covers anyone in Washington state will be impacted. So no matter where you currently carry your policy whether its with us or someone else it will impact you the same across the board. Additionally the Washington state insurance commissioner has stated that there will not be any rebalancing of the way rates are reached to offset this change. So outside of removing credit score as a consideration when determining your rates, no other metric will be impacted.

What does this mean?

Starting this June when you either get quoted on a new insurance policy in Washington state or are up for your review on your current policy your credit score will no longer be considered when determining your rates. So for those customers who currently hold policies that received higher rates due to a lower credit score or offered a better rate due to a high credit score will no longer see those impacts reflected in their rates for at least the next three years. This will be same at every insurer in Washington state.

At Blauman insurance we will be reaching out to our customers to make them aware of this change as promptly as possible. However in the mean time we would like to remind everyone that we will do out best to ensure the same level of service and exceptional customer service that you have come to expect from us during this transition and if you have any questions regarding these changes please feel free to send us an email regarding this issue at and we will get back to you asap! Additionally we would like to mention that no matter what effect this change has on your rates moving forward that 365 days a year we offer potentially substantial discounts to those customers that bundle their policies with us! If your interested in seeing how much you can save annually when you carry all your policies with Blauman insurance why not get started now!

(Note: this will not affect commercial policies)

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