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Review your home owners insurance

Was there a single feature that sold you on your home? Maybe you couldn’t resist stunning city views or an open-plan kitchen with all the upgrades. Whatever you love about the place you call home, it’s not the only reason to choose insurance with care. 


Did you purchase a home and simply take the policy that came with it at closing time without knowing what your policy does for you? I want you to know your coverage and make sure your biggest asset is covered adequately. We have the tough conversations today so you’re not at a loss when coverage is needed. Our homeowner’s product is unlike most on the market being that we can customize coverage to tailor your individual needs. We personalize your policy because we are a family business that wants your family to be protected as we would like ours. . Let’s discuss choosing the right option for YOU!

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Common Homeowners Insurance Coverages

Dwelling — this is the portion of your policy that covers the actual structure of your home (main house). The cost to replace your home can fluctuate from

based on the cost of raw material and labor, and of course, supply and demand. Homes are literally insured for the reconstruction cost; labor & materials. 


Separate Structures — this covers any structure on your property that is not permanently attached to your home like sheds and detached garages. Usually this coverage is 10% of whatever your Dwelling limit is, but can be increased or decreased to fit your specific needs.


Personal Property — this covers all of your personal belongings, “your stuff” like clothing, furniture, electronics, and appliances. Basically anything that would fall out of your house if you turned it upside down and shook out the contents.


Loss of Use — this covers your living expenses if you need to live somewhere else temporarily because your primary home is uninhabitable due to a loss. If you have temporarily “lost the use” of your home. 


Personal Liability — Liability Coverage applies if someone is injured or their property is damaged and you are to blame. Either at your residence or generally anywhere around the world  . When choosing your liability coverage limits, consider things like how much money you make and the assets you own. Your personal liability coverage should be high enough to protect your assets if you are sued. An umbrella policy may be necessary to provide extra coverage.


Other/optional Coverages: medical expense, roof material matching, scheduled personal property, jewelry floaters, identity shield, service line, equipment breakdown, back up sewer & drain. 

Note: If you are looking for insurance for a rental property (land lord policy), or home that is un-occupied for renovation, you cannot use traditional homeowners insurance. You need a “specialty dwelling” policy which we can also help you with. We also do multi family dwellings no problem. If the property is held by an LLC that is also not a problem. We also offer replacement costs on mobile homes which is not commonly offered for mobile & manufactured homes.

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