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Renters Insurance

We all have a lot of “stuff” that is important to us whether we own a home or not. Renters insurance is an economical way to cover your belongings. Whether it be your clothes, furniture, electronics etc. You want to feel secure that your belongings are covered adequately. Being that the cost is so low renters’ policies are a no brainer. They start as low as $10-$15 a month. 


What does renter’s insurance cover?

Apartment Building

-Personal property/contents – This literally covers your stuff. Paid up to the policy limits. If you turned your residence upside down anything that would fall out of it applies as your contents. This also covers your contents anywhere in the world. So someone breaks into your car and takes your belongings it is not covered by auto insurance but by your renters (property) insurance. 

-Loss of use - Additional living expenses paid when covered loss makes dwelling uninhabitable. Loss of rents paid when covered loss makes dwelling uninhabitable. So for example a neighbor in your apartments starts a fire and your unit is uninhabitable and say they don’t have any vacant apartments for you. If it were temporary, we would house you in a hotel room or if you had to move all together that coverage could be applied as first and last months rent toward a new residence. 

-Personal Liability - We shall pay all damage up to the policy limit from an occurrence which an insured is legally liable to pay because of bodily injury or property damage. 

- Guest medical - We shall pay the necessary medical expenses up to the policy limit incurred by a person other than the insured or any resident of the household within three years from the date of an occurrence causing bodily injury.

Note: Our agency always recommends opening all cabinets in each room of your home, taking a panoramic pictures and emailing them to yourself in the event of a total loss. This will make it less overwhelming when trying to make sure you have listed all items lost. 

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