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Juvenile Life insurance is life insurance purchased for a child. You may wonder “why would a child need life insurance?” Such life insurance policies can be used to pay for final expenses in a tragic circumstance, but thankfully these circumstances are very uncommon. 

Most importantly, this is a great way to obtain a Permanent Life insurance policy at a very low rate, the lowest it will ever be in their life. Permanent life insurance rates are significantly lower for children, who are obviously younger and healthier than adults. These types of policies also have the ability to build cash value - money that can be used in the future as loans for any purpose. Permanent Life policies are a great way to set up a solid financial future for your little one(s). 

In addition to locking in low rates and setting up a financial future, Permanent Juvenile Life policies also guarantee your child can have insurance for their entire life. As people age, they risk developing conditions that may prevent them from qualifying for life insurance, or if they can qualify it may be too expensive because of those conditions. Conditions like asthma, anxiety, and depression can make life insurance too expensive for many people. Getting a permanent policy while your child is young guarantees that, even if they develop a condition later in life, they can keep their existing policy.

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-Minimum monthly payment is $25 ($300 annually).

-No exam required to get the policy issued.

-Death benefit of $50k-$150k.

-Builds cash value between 0-10% growth.

-You can borrow against cash value or cash it out later in life.

-Covers you until 99 years old.

-General requirements: both parents have to have a life policy or a Grandparent can be the policy owner and “gift” it to the grandchild.

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