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New offering: Commercial Liability & More

Washington state, Western Washington in particular is one the fastest growing areas in the country. With so many people coming into the greater Seattle area there is a continued increase in local small business’s that need support from their local small business support infrastructure. As a local insurance agent its on us to play our part in supporting the growing industry in Western Washington, which is why I’m happy to announce that just recently we began offering basic liability coverage (with some perks) for the industries that most often need it! We now offer basic liability coverage for Painters, Landscapers, Electricians and Interior designers!

These industries often require proof of insurance before you can ever step foot onto a job site. However the process of getting full business insurance can be a long, convoluted and arduous process. Especially for those of you who work out of your home, with no office, no outside infrastructure and no team. For those industries that most often require some sort of proof of coverage for their independent contractors we wanted to streamline the process of getting coverage between your agent (us) and getting you covered and on site!

Traditional business coverages take into account things like additional employees salary loss, loss of store front, liability and many other things. However with our newly offered general liability coverage we make sure you have just the coverage you need to get you started and on your way. This includes your liability coverage in the event that you are liable for any damages or injuries, additionally we also offer coverage for your tools of the trade against theft. So if for some reason your tools are stolen while on the job you can have them replaced!

Aside from just our general liability coverage we would be remiss in our obligation to you if we did not take a moment to talk about commercial auto coverage. While many people believe that commercial auto coverage only applies to “work only” vehicles this is actually not the case. If you use your personal vehicle for work or if you advertise your business on your personal vehicle with on vehicle marketing such as decals or magnets you have officially crossed the threshold from personal auto to commercial auto. This means that in event of a claim if you are only covered under a personal auto policy you may not be covered at all. We find that most on site workers traditionally use their personal auto for work. With that said you should ensure that you have the proper and adequate coverage you need to ensure you are covered in the event of any claim. We specialize in ensuring that you have the coverages you need on day one so there are no questions as to whether or not you are protected against a wide variety of claims you may encounter.

So to tie all this up with bow, we now offer general liability for Painters, Landscapers, Electricians and Interior decorators. Additionally we also ensure your tools of your trade are covered in the event of theft and that your auto (in many cases your personal auto) are covered in the event of a claim where it would not have been covered under a traditional auto policy. While every individuals business, auto and policy are nuanced we specialize in taking the time to ensure you have the adequate coverage you need at a competitive rate. So whether you’re a new business to Western Washington or someone who has worked here for decades. Don’t agonize another minutes with the stresses of looking for the policy you need for you work, Reach out now and talk to a professional who can get your the adequate coverage you need with the customer service you deserve!

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