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Stories of Life! (insurance)

Life insurance is a hard conversation. No one likes to have it, but it necessary. Especially for those of us who currently have or are planning on having a family. Life insurance can be the difference between college, and immediately entering the workforce for your children. It can be the difference between growing up in the home you and your family have built together, or being forced to find something that is more affordable to their new circumstance. It can be a make or break for the status quo of their life that they have come to enjoy while you or your loved one was still around. While obviously this is a conversation no one likes to have, it is one essential to have for those just incase situations. But don’t listen listen to just me about it, time and time again you hear stories about how a loved ones foresight to have these conversations early ensured their loved ones were taken care of when they were gone. Please see some of these stores about how these people were affected by their loved ones foresight to make a good decision “just in case”. And reach out to me with any questions HERE.

(Below are excepts from multiple articles about peoples life saving experiences with life insurance. Please follow the links provided to read more or get more information)

how life insurance saved my family

My father got his private pilot's license in 1970 right after the army. "He absolutely adored flying," my mom tells me. "He didn't want to do anything else in his free time, besides hanging out with you guys." He bought a small, used, two-engine Piper airplane in 1988 for commuting back and forth to his two offices in New Jersey and North Carolina. He was a careful pilot and took attentive--almost obsessive--care of his plane.

Mom and Dad had just moved us to a tiny town in North Carolina to be closer to family. They bought some land, started building their dream home and convinced my grandparents to build a little home nearby. After looking at the dismal public schools, my parents enrolled my sister in private school and planned to do the same for me.

In short, they had a lot of financial obligations that depended on my father's income. But they were solid financially, with an emergency fund of about two year's take-home pay.

I was barely 3 at the time, so I don't remember much about this time. The only utterly sad thing I do remember is a vision of my mother sometime during the weeks after, draped over the steering wheel of her pick-up truck, weeping.

The thing is, life went on, and I have many happy memories. I remember my mother asking me a few months later what color I wanted my new bedroom to be. (“Pink!") I remember Mrs. Stamp's private pre-school, where I learned about cocoons and how to spell "cat." I remember walking, my hand in my sister's, on the way to our grandparents' house for a delicious Southern dinner of chicken and dumplings. I also remember my mother tapping numbers into her desk calculator, and the "chit chit chit" of it printing the results on ticker tape. She never looked at the numbers on the tape with panic or worry.

None of this would have been possible without life insurance.

“If We Didn't Have Life Insurance …”

My mother was faced with a long list of sudden expenses: the funeral, lawyer fees for executing my dad's estate, a mortgage, living expenses, private school and/or child care, and attempting to save for two college tuitions. If not for life insurance, she'd be doing all that with no income whatsoever, no job experience and savings that would only have lasted a few years.

It wouldn't have been easy for her to get a job after nine years out of the workforce, especially in our tiny town. "I had no career to fall back on.”

my sister would have been yanked from her school right after we lost our father.

We also wouldn't have been able to finish the house, which would have meant an unsellable home with a giant mortgage. It would later take us three years to find a buyer for the finished home.

Life insurance answered all those questions. "It’s wrenching, but it’s a relatively simple process," my mother says of making the life insurance claim. "You call up the insurance company; you tell them what happened. You fill out a form and you send in a death certificate." Then they send you a check.

(Original article linked below)

I Wish I'd Gotten Life Insurance Before I Got Pregnant

I knew that having our first child meant that getting life insurance should be a top priority for both me and my husband.

After doing some research, I found that it's nearly always better to get a life insurance policy before you get pregnant to avoid potential price hikes brought on by temporary conditions during pregnancy. While some companies will account for the fact that you gained weight due to the pregnancy, factors like higher blood pressure or postpartum depression can also affect your ability to get the best rates.

Now my daughter is three months old, and I'm still waiting for my numbers to dip before starting again. I really wish I'd known to start this process when trying to conceive instead.

(Original article linked below)

“I Wanted To Put Off Getting Life Insurance—But My Husband Didn’t”

When I married James* in 1978, I was 21 years old. I never could have imagined then that I’d be a widow by 26, or that I’d have a 9-month-old baby to take care of on my own.

As soon as we became pregnant, James started talking about life insurance—but I was hesitant. I was 24, but James was already thinking like an adult. It’s not that I wasn’t an adult; the topic of life insurance was just scary. I was pregnant with our yet-to-be-born child, and the last thing I wanted to think about was one of us dying.

When we arrived at the ER, the other construction workers were there. It was hard for them to look at me—and that’s when I knew.

My story is a reminder that once you have a family—no matter your age—life insurance is absolutely essential.

I didn’t want to think about that at the time, but lucky for me, my husband had.

(Original article linked below)

(One additional story is listed below that is also very impactful. I encourage you if time permits to continue you’r reading there.)

If you found any of those stories have led you to have any questions about how life insurance works or have you wondering about a quote, Please reach out for a free quote or any additional information today, just click the links provided above or below!

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