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Retrospective: Birthday dreams annual gala

THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING THE GALA We're so pleased that you joined us on October 9th at The Gala of Dreams! Thank you for supporting Birthday Dreams' Gala of Dreams! Well – we did it! The Gala of Dreams on Saturday, October 9th was a complete success! Over 200 in-person guests joined us at the Gala and nearly 100 virtual guests also supported the event by viewing it live online. The Gala of Dreams was a total success – raising over $178,000 with donations still coming in! It was simply amazing to see so many people come out to support Birthday Dreams and our mission! The funds raised during the event far exceeded our expectations and as the post-event donations are still coming in, we are so pleased to announce that The Gala of Dreams was the most successful event fundraiser that Birthday Dreams has ever had! This is because of YOU! Our valued guests and supporters who made this all possible. With the funds raised from the event we will be able to provide our services to the thousands of homeless children that we serve in this year to come - THANK YOU!! If you wanted to attend the Gala but were not able to do so - you can see all of the night's action on Birthday Dreams' YouTube page HERE Finally - we are moving swiftly through the post-event process and if you did not have a chance to pick up your auction items at the end of the Gala we will be contacting you soon to coordinate delivery of your items.

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